Thursday, April 8, 2004

That Annoying First Amendment

From archy comes a link to a truly creepy column by someone named Kaye Grogan (her picture reminds me of a drag queen I once saw who was doing a really bad Dixie Carter) who suggests that

There needs to be a law passed where any person who disrespects the “Office of the Presidency” by making false accusations and spreading deliberate rumors about the president, should be charged with a felony or at the very least a high misdemeanor. President Bush has been falsely accused (with nothing concrete to back the accusations up), from being negligent in stopping the 9/11 attacks, to making up fraudulent reasons to go to war in Iraq.

She goes on and on ad nauseum, conveniently forgetting that had such a law been in place ten years ago, she and her minions would be serving time for the job I’m sure she did to the Clintons. (Not to mention the language violation of using the non-word “disrespects.”)

I love it when “real Americans” are so afraid of the written and spoken word that they advocate draconian laws to bend us to their will. It emboldens us to take arms against these fascists and truly prove that what this country stands for is the inalienable right to piss people off.