Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Wrong Guy

All this time we’ve been looking at George W. Bush as the driving force to take us to war with Iraq. There’s no doubt that he had a johnson about taking out Saddam Hussein, and if Bob Woodward’s book is any guide, he’s been that way since the day he got into office. But we also know that Bush has attention-deficit-disorder issues; I expected him to have a spell last week during the press conference: “Our goal is to win the war on terror – oh, look at the kitty!” So the only person with the power, the focus, and the inside drive to keep him on the track of taking us to war has got to be Dick Cheney. He had the people, the history (he had been Secretary of Defense during Gulf War I), and the connections to get what he wanted. The hell with taking it slow, as Colin Powell and other veterans of previous wars had counseled.

It’s been a running joke since the time Cheney chose himself to be vice president that he was really the one in charge; all the jokes about Bush being one defibrillator away from the presidency, how Dick Cheney was really a good ventriloquist whose sole duty was to make the dummy look good, and so forth. The scary part is that it may really be true.

The Republicans are counting on the old adage that no one votes for a ticket because of who’s running for vice president. That may be our biggest danger.