Monday, May 24, 2004

A Beautiful Irony

President Bush will address the nation tonight at 8:00 p.m. to talk about his “clear strategy” for Iraq. This will pre-empt the regularly scheduled programming on most of the networks, including the network television premiere of:

8:00 PM Channel 10 ABC

A Beautiful Mind

136 mins.

Four Oscars—including Best Picture and Director (Ron Howard)—went to this brilliantly crafted 2001 biopic about troubled mathematician John Nash (Russell Crowe).

The film chronicles Nash’s days at Princeton in the ’40s and his work at MIT, where he meets his future wife (Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Connelly). During the Cold War, Nash becomes obsessed with cracking coded Soviet messages, unaware of the tremendous threat facing him and his family. Best Actor nominee Crowe is astounding as Nash, who ages 47 years during the course of the film. Ed Harris and Christopher Plummer costar.

I wonder if his mother will be watching.

Update: ABC did not pre-empt the movie; they know propaganda when they see it; more credit to them.