Thursday, May 6, 2004

Fraternity Pranks

Rush has compared the behavior of the Americans torturing the Iraqi prisoners to fraternity pranks – boys will be boys and all that. Just blowing off a little steam.

This from a guy who took 10,000 Oxycontin pills and denied having a problem with addiction. So when it comes to being a judge of what’s “just a little,” Rush is not exactly the source authority you’re looking for.

As far as I know, Rush is using the term “fraternity prank” in the generic sense since I don’t think he ever went to college. And judging by his former appearance, the only frat that he would have belonged to was Eta Bita Pi. If anything, he would have been the guy who would never have been rushed to join a frat (pun intended).

And if it was just a bunch of “fraternity pranks,” why are the reports beginning to come down from reliable sources via TPM that Rumsfeld is on the verge of getting his hat (and his ass) handed to him?