Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday Blogaround

Let’s start off with welcoming a couple of new listings in the blogroll: Poker and Liberty, penned by a pal of Kop at Kop’s Blog, and I Voted For George, who caught my attention last week and confirmed it by tracking a post of mine. And I laughed out loud at his profile picture.

To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, it’s been a busy week in the blogosphere, so let’s get right to it:

  • Xan, the newest member of Corrente, pays tribute to David Dellinger, one of the Chicago 7.
  • Bryant at Make Me A Commentator observes the new national pastime.
  • Rivka at Respectful of Otters notes the reversal of the Texas comptroller’s ruling on the tax exempt status of a Unitarian Church, and adds some thoughts on church finances in general.
  • Chris catches us up with 24, a show I’ve never seen (not because I’m not interested in good storytelling; I just never caught it.)
  • Steve Gilliard writes about Judith Miller and the culture of poor American journalism she represents.
  • Rook is thinking about classic British TV characters.
  • Did Bill Cosby go too far? See what bloggg has to say about that.
  • Scout at And Then… connects a lisping Spanish king to our current Oval Office occupant.
  • The Invisible Library goes after the New York Times’s article on addictive blogging.
  • The Fulcrum links to a blog on physics by Sean Carroll that even I can understand.
  • edwardpig on Vietnam vets against Kerry, plus a bit of historical context on fighting a war and running for re-election.
  • Trish feels a bit of a draft.
  • Kick the Leftist on certain anti-malaria drugs and their calamitous side effects.
  • Collective Sigh encounters a well-known figure in her back yard.
  • Upyernoz learns how to say “baseball” in Arabic.
  • Jude at Iddybud wants to know which Monty Python character you are. I’m afraid to guess.
  • SoonerThought wants Rush off American Forces Radio.
  • Jeff at Speedkill wonders what the meaning of sovereignty is. (Hint: ask the Native Americans in the Southwest.)
  • Wanda says Be Alert! (Well, we all know the world needs more lerts.)
  • Have a nice weekend, Michael.
  • archy on the complexities of tearing down Abu Ghraib.
  • NTodd is shaking the cup for Kerry. Do it.
  • Tony at It’s Craptastic is off for a couple of days, but he left this piece on compassionate conservatives in Mississippi.
  • Jesse at The Gotham City 13 has the transcript on JFK 2.0’s foreign policy speech. Check it out.
  • Rick tries his hand at stand-up comedy.
  • Echidne of the Snakes makes coleslaw.
  • BlogAmy’s David offers some stuff we should know.
  • Steve writes about the latest tactic being used to extract information: taking hostages. Even Klingons don’t do that.
  • Finally, go wish Happy Furry Puppy Story Time a Happy Birthday!
  • That’s all for the moment, but check out the rest of the blogs on the roll at your leisure. Happy Friday!