Friday, May 7, 2004

Friday Blogaround

First, take note of some new additions and some changes to the blogroll:

  • Sticks of Fire and Steve Koppelman (not to be confused with Kop’s Blog). Both are Floridians and both have a unique style. Stop by and say hi to them. Sofarsogoo, a regular visitor to many of The Liberal Coalition sites, has started his own blog, Unpopular Ideas. It’s good to see that happen. Also, Wonkette, who’s gotten herself quite a name among the blogosphere for gossip and just plain fun writing, joins the lineup.
  • Some of our friends have gone into the shop for touch-up work and emerged in great shape, including Dancing with Myself and Blah3. Check them out.
  • Among my fellow writers, here’s a look at what’s caught my eye:

  • Michael at Musing’s musings is in the middle of finals.
  • corrente has the goods on the final episode of Friends.
  • Wanda (Words on a Page) wonders about the true nature of Americans.
  • Elayne is all moved in to her new place and even has her DSL hooked up. She gives us a tour of New York City on her way to work.
  • NTodd always has worthy and cogent commetary on current events, but he is also an excellent photographer. Makes me almost (almost) wish I was up in Vermont for a crisp cool spring morning.
  • A lot of us are up in arms about the Iraqi prisoners. Rivka at Respectful of Otters looks at the psychological aspects. Scout (And Then…) thinks it’s time for Rumsfeld to go, as does Guy at Rook’s Rant. Andante of Collective Sigh notes the postponement of the release of the U.S. report on democracy and human rights for “technical reasons.” Jesse has the perfect response to Bush’s lack of knowledge from John Kerry, while Peter at Kick the Leftist has the responses of some who will do anything to make it sound like it’s no big deal what went on in Abu Ghraib. Sheesh. The Invisible Library has been posting dispatches from Baghdad. Read the latest and then scroll back for more. And of course, to top it all off, Steve has a bit of doggerel that catches what should happen to Mr. Secretary of Defense perfectly.
  • archy notes that sanity finally prevailed in Darby, Montana.
  • Happy Furry Puppy Storytime offers prayers.
  • Goldberg and Guthrie go to the theatre.
  • Lisa of the delightful Kamikaze Kumquat on dealing with the issue of the brain-dead in Florida. No, not just Jeb…
  • Liz at Life as a Spectator Sport mulls over the abuse of religion by the Bush administration.
  • Like I always say, this is just the beginning of the list of the good stuff out there in the sidebar of this and many other blogs. In the meantime, Happy Friday!