Friday, May 7, 2004

Not Just In Iraq

From the Sun-Sentinel:

A group of guards at the Broward County Main Jail kicked and stomped on a handcuffed, naked inmate Wednesday night until he was unconscious, according to several inmates who said they witnessed the beating.

“The way they whupped on that guy last night was unbelievable. He was naked and handcuffed, lying on his belly, and three guys were still beating on the guy,” said William Brainard, an inmate awaiting trial on charges of exploiting the elderly. “I believe if you get in an argument with a deputy, they have to subdue you. But even after they had him subdued” they kept kicking and hitting him, Brainard said.

“There was so much blood in that room, it looked like a murder scene,” he said.

Five inmates said they saw the detention deputies beat inmate Alvin Bell in a small supply room in cellblock 7A, a room used to strip-search inmates when they return from court appearances.

Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue medics responded to the jail and rushed Bell, 30, to the hospital with severe traumatic injuries about 7:40 p.m.

Bell’s lawyer, Maurice Graham, who visited him at Broward General Medical Center on Thursday night, said he was stunned to see Bell’s swollen, bruised face and the cut above his right eye that might need surgery to repair.

“It really looked like a savage beating that got out of control, really out of control,” Graham said.

Maybe that’s why some say it’s no big deal about what happened in Abu Ghraib – it’s as American as cherry pie.