Thursday, May 13, 2004

Planet Hughes

In, James C. Moore has a fascinating profile of Karen Hughes, who has turned her dedication to George W. Bush into a cult-like devotion. Here’s a snippet:

In the carefully rendered world where Hughes lives, the weapons of mass destruction are not missing; they have only to be discovered. Terrorists hate freedom and liberty and equality, instead of hating Americans. A man who won a Silver Star for shedding blood for his country needs to explain himself, while a young lieutenant who skipped out on an officer’s commission and a coveted pilot’s slot has “served honorably.” On Planet Hughes, life is returning to normal in Iraq, the horrors are diminishing and the casualties of Americans and Iraqis are not that significant. It’s a happy place where presidents never make mistakes and there is never anything to be sorry about. One can almost see her in the back of the room, her mouth rounded with expression and secretly moving in unison with the president as he speaks the words “Donald Rumsfeld is a superb secretary of defense.”

After all of the troops have come home, a powerful cleric is ruling Iraq with a theocratic government and Bush has been retired to his ranch by an angry electorate, the president’s closest friend will be undaunted. Years from now, when historians begin to insist that Iraq was the greatest geopolitical mistake ever made by an American president, she will be there disputing their interpretations.

Karen Hughes will always believe.

Read the rest (subscription/Day Pass required). It’s creepy.