Friday, May 14, 2004

Surprise! Well, Almost

The plans had been in the works for months. Coded messages had been sent. Sly contacts with appropriate parties had been set up and sworn to secrecy. Finally the day arrived. I left no clues behind…no hints in the blog that today would be anything other than an ordinary day. It was all very neat.

The big project that I alluded to in the Friday Blogaround was, in reality, an airline ticket from Miami to Toledo to surprise my mom for her birthday this weekend. But when I walked out to the curb at Toledo Express Airport and saw the familiar car, who should be sitting in the passenger seat: Mom. “Fancy meeting you here,” she said.

It turns out that the secret couldn’t be kept. Too many things had to be cancelled (a trip to Columbus for a Kerry delegation meeting), too many people let in on it. I don’t think my dad caved under the pressure; he just decided that it was better to let Mom in on it. So, the surprise was on me.

We had lunch at Loma Linda, one of the finest Mexican restaurants in the world (trust me – Toledo does have good Mexican food), and tomorrow we’re going to go check out Oak Openings, the land conservancy project that’s part of the work my dad has been doing with The Black Swamp Conservancy. Then the party, then back to Miami on Sunday afternoon. (Thanks, Chris, for watching the house…again! I owe you dinner.)

Happy Birthday, Mom.