Saturday, May 8, 2004

Wrong Priorities

Last night over an excellent Mexican dinner, my Good Friend Bob said that the thing that pissed him off the most about Secretary Rumsfeld’s testimony was that the secretary seemed more upset that the pictures were released to the press than what was in the pictures.

Forget the fact that Abu Ghraib is now shorthand for American foreign policy and arrogance in the Arab world. Forget the fact that any American POW in the hands of the Iraqi insurgents will receive the same treatment as depicted in the pictures. Forget the fact that all the arguments we ever had for invading a sovereign nation – WMD’s, ties to Al-Qaeda, the torture and rape rooms – are all gone. Our moral authority, shaky at best to begin with, has been destroyed. And the one thing we had going for us – the higher ground of the ideals of democracy – is gone.

To worry about who let the press in on this says more about the priorities of this government than all the apologies and flagellation on live TV in front of Congress.