Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Al Beats Rush in Ratings In NYC

I check out Salon.com’s War Room column (subscription/Day Pass) on a daily basis for my campaign-update fix. Here are some snippets:

  • In case you missed it over the holiday weekend, there’s an interesting nugget in Time raising more questions about Dick Cheney’s cozy relationship with former employer Halliburton. The magazine obtained an internal Pentagon email that says Cheney’s office coordinated a contract awarded to Halliburton for work on restoring Iraqi oil that was worth billions of dollars.
  • Boy, talk about burying the lead. In its Monday profile of the new liberal talk radio network Air America, the New York Times spent so much time dwelling on the financial woes that have reportedly plagued the start-up company that it wasn’t until the 15th paragraph that readers learned this bombshell: Talk radio novice Al Franken’s new Air America show beat conservative kingpin Rush Limbaugh in New York City where the two go head-to-head every weekday afternoon from noon to three o’clock. That’s according to preliminary Arbitron rating estimates for April. Heard in New York on WLIB-AM, whose ratings were virtually non-existent prior to switching over to Air America’s programming earlier this year, Franken and the rest of Air America’s 10 a.m-to-3 p.m lineup grabbed a 3.4 rating among listeners age 25-to-54. By contrast, Limbaugh who has been the most highly rated political talk show host in America for the last decade, and who is heard in New York on talk radio powerhouse WABC, lead the station to just a 3.2 rating. There’s more (although the Times forgot to mention it): Among listeners 18-to-34, Franken and WLIB won in a knockout, garnering a 2.9 ratings share compared to WABC’s dismal 0.4 showing.
  • The New York Times may have gone easy on newsroom diva Judith Miller in its mea culpa over the paper’s breathless — and faulty — pre-war coverage, but New York magazine isn’t being so kind. In an unflattering profile that also condemns former Times editor Howell Raines for enabling Miller, writer Franklin Foer describes Miller as having “seemingly bottomless ambition” who walked all over her colleagues — many of whom spoke anonymously and uncharitably about Miller for this piece.
  • Read the rest here. Good stuff.