Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Analyzing Bush

Three shrinks look at the psyche of Bush and has a review of them. While I think that long-distance psychoanalysis is more speculative than anything else, they do provide a little insight into how or why Bush operates the way he does based on his public behavior and known family history. One such speculation is that Bush is has attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, which explains why he must have everything rigorously scripted; if he goes off-script he’s likely to lose focus (“We must fight the evil-doers – oh, look at the kitty!”).

Frankly, I think you can go overboard with this stuff – who wouldn’t come out as slightly unbalanced if you lived in a goldfish bowl, your every move parsed and dissected? Look at what they’re already doing to John Kerry in this backgrounder from the New York Times. And in the end, I wonder if it really matters if we will ever know what motivates the inner Bush to do what he does. What’s needed now is to get him to find another outlet for his inner rage other than the White House.