Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Nation Building

My brother sent me this little list of suggestions for renaming Iraq now that it’s ours. I don’t know where he got it, but it’s a nice bit of whimsey.

1) People’s Republic of Texaco

2) Bushstanistan

3) Islamabunkport

4) Bedrock

5) We-raq

6) Notosamabad

7) Crawford Ranch East

8) Afghanistan on the Euphrates

9) The Persian Golf

10) Burkini Beach

11) Rumsylvania

12) Country with a New Regime We’re Now Supporting but Will Have To Take Out in Two Decades

13) Gasmaskistan

14) The Hussein Asylum

15) Allahwood

16) The Poderosa

17) Ididitfordadistan

18) Infertile Crescent Nuclear-Waste Storage Facility

19) The United Emirates of Whup-Ass

20) Who’syourbagdaddynow?

21) France

Any other suggestions?