Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Photo Opportunism

From CNN:

A group of Vietnam veterans opposed to John Kerry’s presidential campaign demanded Tuesday that he remove a photograph that appears in one of his television advertisements.

In Tuesday’s “cease and desist” letter, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth called on Kerry’s campaign to stop what it said was the unauthorized use of the images of some of them in a 60-second biographical spot titled “Lifetime.” The ad began running nationwide in early May.

The U.S. Navy photo in question depicts 20 officers, including Kerry, and was taken January 22, 1969, on the island of An Thoi in Vietnam. The ad shows only a portion of the picture — not all of the men are visible — and is displayed for two seconds.


A Kerry spokesman dismissed the group’s claim, noting the Swift Boat Veterans used an enlarged version of the same photo at a news conference announcing the anti-Kerry group’s formation in early May.

“Somehow they didn’t call to ask if they could use John Kerry’s image,” Michael Meehan said. “When it was useful for their politics they show a big blow-up.”

And when the Bush campaign used images from Groud Zero, well, that was okay, according to the Republicans, and any objections by Democrats were just “politics.”