Thursday, June 17, 2004

You Knew This Would Happen

From the Miami Herald:

Future school will be named for Reagan

The Miami-Dade County School Board agreed Wednesday to name a future school after former President Ronald Reagan.

Several board members also praised the legacy of the late two-term Republican chief executive.

“During the [Jimmy] Carter years, when I would see the flag being desecrated and Americans not being viewed in the best possible light, that was a travesty,” said Marta Pérez, a Cuban refugee who came to Florida as a child. “People began to honor Americans for the goodness in America [under Reagan], and people began to respect Americans again.”

The vote was unanimous, but Vice Chairman Robert Ingram made clear that his support was grudging.

“I will vote for it because he did, indeed, serve as president, but I remember him very differently,” said Ingram, who is black. “I remember that for the most part, people who look like me did not benefit from anything he did — in fact, he was in many instances very abrasive.”

Right on, Dr. Ingram.

In a piece of perhaps unintentional irony, there’s a Kerry ad running on the webpage that is carrying this story.