Wednesday, June 23, 2004

You Will Be Humiliated

Illinois Republican Jack Ryan’s senate candidacy seems to be cratering fast with the release of his divorce records from Jeri Ryan.

According to court depositions unsealed Monday, Mr. Ryan, a Republican who is challenging Barack Obama, a Democratic state senator, for the seat held by Senator Peter G. Fitzgerald, a Republican who is retiring, took his wife to sex clubs in New York, New Orleans and Paris in the late 1990’s. The documents suggest that Mr. Ryan insisted that they have public sex but that Ms. Ryan angrily refused, and the issue led to the breakup of their marriage.

Ms. Ryan is probably best-known for playing the former Borg drone Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. Apparently he couldn’t separate the actor from one of her more provocative lines:

Seven of Nine: Nevertheless, I am willing to explore my humanity. Take off your clothes.

Or maybe Mr. Ryan was just taking Captain Janeway’s observation to heart:

Captain Janeway: We’re Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job.

Family values indeed.