Friday, July 30, 2004

And Onward…

Everyone’s heading home from Boston. The Faithful Correspondent and Dad are catching an early-morning flight out, but she has promised a final convention wrap-up later today or tomorrow. (In light of the amazing reports she sent to me, she’s earned a little time off.) But the race is on, and things will pick up quickly. Sunday there’s a Kerry-Edwards rally in Bowling Green, Ohio, as part of the battleground states tour, and that’s just the beginning.

As expected, all of the pundits are all over The Speech. There’s a good wrap-up of the commentary at; the snarkiest comment being Fred Barnes saying Kerry’s salute was “not very good” (I was unaware of Mr. Barnes’s expertise in military protocol). Other than that, the concensus is that John Kerry exceeded all the expectations. David Brooks told Jim Lehrer that the senator set the bar high and got over it with ease – “it was a great speech.” Not bad for someone who earlier this week labeled Kerry as a crashing bore.

Make no mistake: Karl Rove and his minions from Hell are geared up and before the first delegate was out the door of the Fleet last night the faxes and e-mails were going out. But there will be an added urgency and a whiff of fear and desperation as the Republicans haul out the big guns – and with any luck shoot themselves in the foot over and over again.

Update: My sister reports she saw The Faithful Correspondent on ABC-TV last night during the “wonderful Kerry speech.” Darn! I was watching PBS.