Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Another Sign of Frayed Nerves

The Kerry-Edwards pairing must be getting under the skin of George W. Bush.

WASHINGTON, July 7 — President Bush campaigned today in North Carolina, where he criticized Democrats for blocking some of his judicial nominees and took a back-handed swipe at Senator John Edwards, the state’s freshman Democratic senator and now Senator John Kerry’s choice for his running mate.

When a questioner in Raleigh noted that Mr. Edwards had been described as charming and a “nimble campaigner” and asked Mr. Bush to compare the one-term senator to Vice President Dick Cheney, Mr. Bush snapped back: “Dick Cheney can be president. Next?”

In his terse response, Mr. Bush appeared to be reflecting an acknowledged Republican strategy of emphasizing Mr. Cheney’s government experience in making unflattering comparisons with the youthful-looking Mr. Edwards. [New York Times]

That kind of snotty comment is both an insult to Senator Edwards, who, as previously noted, has served as long in elective office as Mr. Bush, and also opens the president up to scrutiny – not to mention the jokes – about just how much of the presidency Mr. Cheney has already assumed.

The Bush/Cheney campaign must be really freaked out. It means that for the next four months we’re going to be treated to even more of this. Wow – what a great time to be a blogger.