Sunday, July 18, 2004

F9/11 Review

My friend Brian saw Fahrenheit 9/11 today at a theatre in Albuquerque.  His review:

Well…frankly, didn’t see too much that’s really new.  Parts of it dragged in places, but then it was also rushed out of editing since it included news footage of hostages taken in Iraq just like two months ago.  But it was more powerful and more emotional then I thought it would be, and not nearly as tough on Bush as it’s critics portray.  Man, I’ve read some real nit-picking about how he editing this way, or took that out of context, and frankly, it wasn’t that bad.  Okay, so he never showed Bush except when he looked like a buffoon, but then he does that often. Looks like a buffoon, I mean.

And I think he should have dug deeper into the Bush/Saudi/Bin Laden links.  He did bring up one new thing, which is that when Bush released his service records recently, one name was blacked out.  Fortunately for Moore, he has an earlier, 2000 campaign copy, and the name is a Major Bath, the other guy suspended with Bush for failing to take their physicals.  Bath is one of Dubya’s good buddies, and he makes his living investing the Bin Laden families money for the Carlyle Group, with George the Elder on the board of directors.  He makes a good case that Iraq was little more then a diversion to direct press and public attention away from the fact that Saudis, and Saudi money, including that of Bin Laden’s family, along with [that of] the royal family’s, was behind 9/11.  That, and the fact that every time Dubya fell on his face business-wise, with Harkin and with Arbusto, where his founding partner was Bin Ladin’s older brother Salem,  it was Saudi money that bailed them out.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone who hasn’t already made up their mind is going to see it.  Oh, and a note to Marty Chavez [the mayor of Albuquerque] …if you want more people to patronize downtown, maybe you shouldn’t be whacking them six fucking bucks to park in a garage for two hours to see a friggin’ movie!  Sheesh!  Those are practically Manhatten rates!