Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday Blogaround

First note some additions to the Blogroll:

  • Current Events Monitor by Island Dave provides a wrap-up of news, blogs of note, and good tidbits of information in a concise and precise fashion.
  • BlondeSense by came to my attention via Winding Road.  How can you not love a site that describes itself as being written by a self-described “wise ass?”
  • Boston D Party is the blog of the Democratic Convention.

Now let’s see what’s out there in TLC blogland.

  • Natalie at All Facts and Opinions mourns the passing of the Kucinch campaign and heads off for two weeks of training.
  • And Then…  finds a connection between the treatment of chickens and prisoners, and it’s not so far-fetched.
  • archy on the politics of taxes and how nothing is sacred when it comes to trying to win political advantage.
  • Amy gets frisked.
  • bloggg is on the move.  Good luck – I hope it goes as smoothly for you as it did for me.
  • A belated happy birthday to Chris!
  • Andante heaves a Collective Sigh over a car, then (scroll down) exposes yet another O’Reilly moment.
  • The Farmer at Corrente cites an essay in The Nation that speculates that 9/11 is God’s fault.
  • NTodd is giving Lance a run – or should I say “bike” – for his money.
  • Echinde of the Snakes points out the double standard for Republican celebrities versus Democrats: Dennis Miller gets a free pass while Whoopi, Margaret Cho, Linda Ronstadt, and the Dixie Chicks get hosed.
  • The Fulcrum links to a very scary article by Robert Reich on what could happen in a Bush second term: Neocons Gone Wild.
  • The Gamer’s Nook has an explosive story.  That’s all I’ll say; you read it.
  • The Gotham City 13 has a caption contest going.  Go and monkey with it.
  • Norbizness at Happy Furry Puppy Story Time endorses a candidate.
  • Iddybud has a list of the credentialed bloggers at the Democratic Convention.  Don’t forget that my Faithful Correspondent will be there as well.
  • Keith at The Invisible Library takes a look at “traditional” marriage.
  • It’s Craptastic! reports on how Bush backers are helping get Nader on the ballot in Iowa.
  • Kick the Leftist says Colin Powell was right to rant against the Philippines cave-in to the kidnappers.
  • Left is Right has the latest on yummy Army food.
  • Bryant at Make Me a Commentator brings back absurdism.
  • Welcome back Mercury X23 after an extended break – and congrats on the script deal!  I’m envious…maybe I should send him a copy of Can’t Live Without You.
  • Pen-Elayne lays out a couple of good rants.
  • Respectful of Otters reveals that there’s a website to help homeless people find jobs.  I know it sounds odd…but check it out.
  • Rick has the best report on poker ever.
  • Rook’s Rant on National Intelligence.
  • rubber hose reflects on various aspects of the abortion issue based on the thoughts of Trish Wilson.
  • SoonerThought notes that Bush is losing ground with Hispanic voters.
  • Jeff at Speedkill relates another Bill O’Reilly outrage.
  • Steve Gilliard has a thumbnail tour of Boston.
  • Wanda’s on a short hiatus.  Wish her well.
  • WTF Is It Now? points out the Rorschach version of the Dodge Ram logo.  What do you see?
  • The Yellow Doggerel Democrat takes a look at Billmon’s economic analysis.

That should keep you busy for a while – it sure did me.  Happy Friday!