Monday, July 12, 2004

Hello, Pot? Kettle on Line 1…

The Republicans are fond of painting John Kerry as “out-of-the-mainstream.” And yet

Two weeks before the Democratic convention and under pressure from conservatives, President Bush is escalating his support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, moving the issue to the forefront of the campaign and underscoring what his aides said was a critical difference between the president and Senator John Kerry.


Mr. Bush’s renewed advocacy of the amendment — also voiced in a campaign appearance on Friday — came as the White House appeared to be struggling to reconcile conflicting pressure from conservatives eager for Mr. Bush to champion the ban and some Republicans concerned that the issue could alienate undecided moderate voters.


Mr. Bush’s conservative base clearly supports the amendment, but polls have shown that while a majority of undecided voters oppose gay marriage, there is little enthusiasm among them for amending the Constitution to ban it.

Seeing as how the president has no role whatsoever in implementing a Constitutional amendment, the only purpose this serves is to rally the Religious Reich – as if there was a need to get them all in goosestep with the Republicans anyway. Even Lynn Cheney is saying that it’s a matter best left to the states – echoing her husband in 2000. So who’s out of the mainstream here?