Thursday, July 8, 2004

Lay It Out For Us, Kenny Boy

Kenneth Lay, the indicted former chief of Enron, could trade his pinstripes for an orange jumpsuit. So what would happen if he decided to turn states evidence?

Lay could dish the dirt on several important topics: the Karl Rove-brokered push that resulted in Enron paying Christian conservative turned super-lobbyist Ralph Reed $300,000; Lay’s dealings with secretary of state turned super-lobbyist James Baker; why Enron hired Ed Gillespie, the man who now heads the Republican National Committee; the reason for Lay’s decision to allow the Bushes to use Enron’s fleet of airplanes as their own; what happened in those meetings with Dick Cheney and his energy task force; and what really happened with the California energy crisis. [ – subscription/Day pass required]

He wouldn’t be the first Bush crony to turn on his former pals, and if the election starts to look like Bush is on the way out, what has Lay got to lose by telling all?