Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Please! Let Me!

My friend Brian writes:

“[Dan Quayle has] got far more on the ball than Edwards does, and yet that comparison is not being drawn by anybody yet that I’ve heard.” — Rush Limbaugh

Please Mr. Limbaugh, please let me make the comparison! Let’s see…both are from wealthy and influential families, both are intellectual lightweights who never did an honest days work before being elected to public office, both have been rumored to snort more then their share of cocaine, and both ducked their National Guard duty.

Oh, wait…you wanted a comparison with Edwards, and here I was thinking how favorably he compared with Dubya. You know, now that I think about it, Rush’s question may have just answered one of my own that I’ve been carrying around for years. That being, what on earth was George the First thinking when he picked Dan Quayle? I remember him telling the press, when asked what he thought about Lloyd Bentsen’s nomination, “Just wait until you see who I pick for a running mate.” And then I remember…seeing this moron bound onto the stage, and thinking “What the fuck?”

Well, maybe…just maybe…knowing that he already had the election won, George was thinking “If I can get this turkey to fly before the American public, maybe, just maybe, I can get one of my asshole sons elected one day.”