Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pre-Convention Report

My Faithful Correspondent is getting ready to leave for the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

I thought you’d like to know how I’m preparing for my trip to Boston on Saturday.  I spent most of yesterday afternoon sorting through the mail I’ve gotten in the last couple of weeks from the city of Boston – three duplicate packets from the Chamber of Commerce with brochures telling me where-to-go-dine-sightsee-shop-stay in the city and environs – from Ted Kennedy who wants me to join him at a caucus about health care and tell my personal story, from Seniors For Kerry, from Ethnics For Kerry and from all the Women’s Action Committees that want to feed me, listen to me, inform me and in general ply me with drinks and hors d’oeuvres into the small early morning hours.  I’ve gotten a letter from the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, from DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe (two letters and a couple of e-mails), from the Mayor of Columbus, from the Mayor of Toledo, and a cute little Ohio For Kerry button from Jerry Springer who is about to run for governor in a year or two.  There’s a DNC Delegate Tracker, Roger Austin, who is always available to answer questions and soothe me – he’s in charge of MI, OH, and WV.  My e-mails come daily from the ODP, the DNC,,, the Wood Country Democratic Party, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood Foundation of America’s Action Fund (I’m going to their luncheon), my friend Roger Austin and from the Toledo4Kerry headquarters giving me updates on events and needs.

I’ve signed up for anything Planned Parenthood wants me to do and also for the Democratic Women’s Caucus.  I’ve sent a very large check to Emily’s List in order to eat with them Monday noon.  I’m aware that I must attend a (location still-to-be-designated) state caucus breakfast every morning at 7:30 in order to pick up my credentials without which I will not be allowed to board the shuttle bus that will carry me to the Fleet Center.  My photo ID is required, too, and will be also at the PPFA cocktail party Sunday night at a nearby friendly law office.  Security will be iron clad.  I have composed a schedule and I hope that I have the necessary tickets and passes that will allow me to attend the caucuses and luncheons that I’ve chosen.  I have a pile of exciting sounding gatherings where bold face people are promised as bait – Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Mikulski, Barbara Boxer . . . . and that cost a bundle to attend, but conflict with other dates I’ve made.  I’ll decide on those later.

After throwing away most of the mail we’ve gotten in the last few weeks – I think I’ll pass on the Seniors caucus and the Ethnic one – I’m down to plane tickets and hotel confirmation.  I think.  Your father is serene in the knowledge that all he’s required to do is wander around looking for Ohio people to collar and sell on our candidate, Robin Weirauch [running for Congress in the 5th district]. He’s having a large ID card made for his lapel that announces he’s the Campaign Finance Chairman for the RobinForCongress committee.  He’s deadly when he’s on a hunt like this and I fully expect us to return with a pocketful of commitments to our campaign fund and for speaking engagements from – Jerry Springer? – nailed down.

We don’t go until mid-afternoon on Saturday, so there will be time for us to talk.  We’re both working hard for Robin and already have had some real success.  I’ll report on all of that in early August.  Right now we have this on our minds and are so happy we stumbled into this great adventure.

Stay tuned for further reports.  And, if I may allow myself a point of personal privilege, I am really proud of them.