Monday, July 12, 2004

That Whirring Noise in Simi Valley…

…is the late president spinning in his grave.

(CNN) — Ron Reagan will speak in prime time at the Democratic National Convention on the importance of stem cell research, a senior adviser to presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry told CNN on Sunday.

The Kerry adviser, who did not want to be identified, said the appearance of the younger son of the late former President Ronald Reagan came about after “overtures were made by both sides — friends of both.”

The adviser did not say on which night Reagan, 46, will speak. The four-day convention kicks off July 26 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ron Reagan, a self-described liberal whose political views were often at odds with his conservative Republican father, has said publicly that he does not support President Bush’s re-election.

Reagan raised eyebrows during his father’s burial service in June when he said in his eulogy that his father “never made the fatal mistake of so many politicians, wearing his faith on his sleeve to gain political advantage.”

Many observers thought the remark was aimed at Bush, who often speaks publicly of the role faith plays in his life.

Reagan later told CNN that he did not set out to take a dig at Bush, though after so many other people made that connection, “I began to think maybe I was. I just didn’t know it.”

Interesting evolutionary trend, isn’t it? The son of one president comes to his senses, while the son of another has none whatsoever.