Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Prophet from Ohio

The Toledo Blade has a very disturbing story in this morning’s edition about the battle for hearts and minds (or what passes for that in the Religious Reich) of “Christian” voters.

COLUMBUS – When Jeff Baker thinks about the presidential race, he thinks about religion.

“I try to concern myself with what concerns God,” said Mr. Baker, a 50-year-old pharmaceutical representative who lives in Newark, 40 miles east of Columbus.

Based on what the Old and New Testaments say about morality, Mr. Baker said he will vote for President Bush, who is anti-abortion and has embraced a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

“God will allow us to choose one of these men. The economy is improving. The war in Iraq is what it is. The issue of this nation’s moral conscience is most important to me. If this nation turns its back against what God stands for, He could pull his hand of protection away from it and this nation would face the consequences,” said Mr. Baker, who attends a Southern Baptist church.

Gee, it must be nice to know exactly what it is that concerns God. (And not to be too snarky, I’m wondering if this pharmaceutical rep has been trying a few too many samples.) And the idea that “God will allow us to choose one of these men” certainly discounts the possibility that God had a little help in 2000 here in Florida.

Very few things piss me off more than these religious zealots who claim that 1) America is a “Christian” nation, 2) that the idea of separation of church and state is a myth (see Rev. Scott’s comment later in the article) and 3) that it is their right and duty to measure every person by latitudes of right and longitudes of wrong in exact minutes, seconds, and degrees. To quote the immortal Jacques Brel, “if people like them had their way, they would paint the world the color of goose shit.”