Thursday, July 22, 2004

Try This…

Josh Marshall has some campaign slogan suggestions for Bush/Cheney:

1. Not as terrible as it could have been!

2. Four more years and we’ll be safe!

3. Peace!

4. Incompetence and exaggeration, not bad-faith or lying, as shown in two recent reports!

5. Are you better off today than you would have been today assuming that that idiot Al Gore had won four years ago and he was president instead of me?

And here are a couple of mine:

1. Remember what happened the last time we elected a Democrat? (Oh, never mind.)

2. Bush: He’s not as think as you incompetent he is.

3. Strong Leadership Built on War, Bigotry and Fear: Hey, it worked in 1933!

4. At least he didn’t lie about sex.

Okay, readers; your turn.