Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Veep Vibes

While I was sitting in the waiting area of gate H-15 at O’Hare this afternoon waiting to board my flight, I overheard CNN Airport News quote Senator Kerry:

“I’m heading out to Indianapolis to give a speech tomorrow, but before I go we’re gonna do a little rally here in Pittsburgh at Market Square, so if any of you can make it, I’m told the gates open at 7 in the morning — if you’re up at that hour — but at 9 o’clock tomorrow we’re gonna have some fun, and then we’ll head out to the Midwest again and back on the trail.”

Of course everyone is expecting him to introduce his choice for his running mate.

Pete at Kick the Leftist is predicting that it is Edwards. (Pete made that call three times, no less, but I think that’s because Blogger has been having the computer version of brain farts for the last couple of days). My own gut says it’s Edwards, too, but I’ve been wrong before, as anyone who knows me will promptly remind me. I wouldn’t take odds, but I’m willing to go that Edwards is the favorite, followed by Gephardt, then Clark. I think Vilsack was thrown in there just to round out the field. I’m guessing that Teddy the Wonder Lizard missed the cut. Anyway, we’ll all be waiting at nine tomorrow morning. And just to be prepared, I like my crow medium-rare.