Friday, August 27, 2004

Friday Florida Blogaround

First, note the addition of a little feature at the bottom of this and other entries; the little envelope with the arrow means you can click on that and e-mail the posting. Nice if you want to share – just be sure to tell them where you got them.

Okay, it’s Friday and time to look around; this time keeping it local – for the most part. Florida weather being what it is, we are in the middle of our rainy season, which runs from May through October. It also is the hurricane season – as our fellow Florida bloggers can testify two weeks ago when Charley came through. It’s our version of cabin fever – we can’t get out and do the things we’d like to do becuase of the weather. Not that you have to shovel the heat… Anyway, let’s look at what the locals are doing.

Tuesday, August 31 is primary election day; we’ll be choosing candidates to run for Bob Graham’s senate seat, plus hundreds of other offices, including congress (three Democrats are vying to run against Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in my district) and the school board. Elsewhere:

  • BlogWood has a listing of the candidates running in the St. Petersburg neck of the woods.
  • Florida Politics has the run-down (literally and figuratively) in the Republican primary for the Senate. It’s pitching Bill McCollum – you remember him as one of the impeachment managers…the bespectacled helmet-haired harpy – against Mel Martinez, the Bush cabinet member (he was so inconsequential that I can’t remember what he was Secretary of. Perhaps the Department of Token Latinos?) and it’s getting nasty. On the Democratic side, Betty Castor, the former state education commissioner and university president, is leading in her race against Rep. Peter Deutsch and former Miami mayor Alex Penelas. Castor has a wide lead (45% to 31%) against Deutsch, and Penelas is way behind with 9%.
  • Sticks of Fire has the run-down on all the races in the Tampa area. Excellent job, Tommy; if there’s a blog in the South Florida area that does as good a job of covering the local politics, I’d like to see it (don’t expect me to do it – I haven’t been back here long enough to know the right people).
  • South of the Suwannee takes a whack at Jeb and the legislature for trying to circumvent the state constitution.
  • Ocean Guy is raising the banner for Bush along A1A.
  • Michael at is worried – as we all are – about the sketchy voting system here and seems to know who the culprit is.
  • But politics isn’t the only thing going on down here.

  • There are still some people recovering from Hurricane Charley, such as spacecoastweb: blog, who made it through but lost his computer’s hard drive in the process, but still manages to keep going.
  • News From the Sixth Borough is calling for a one-day Boycott for Equality on October 8 to show America what would happen if all the gays and lesbians didn’t show up for work.
  • Kop ponders about having a celebrity (Oprah) sit on a jury.
  • Blunted on Reality has a lot of e-mail to read.
  • Abstract Appeal looks at Florida’s parental notification law and the route it’s taking for resolution.
  • Poor Richard’s Anorak goes to the movies. (And thanks for the plug!)
  • Of course there is a lot more to read out there, including the usual suspects at TLC. Have a great Friday.