Friday, August 27, 2004

Go FIG Yourself

From CNN/SI:

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Gymnastics officials asked Paul Hamm to give up his gold medal as the ultimate show of sportsmanship, but the U.S. Olympic Committee told them to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Paul Hamm

In a dispute over scores that has turned into a political squabble, the head of the International Gymnastics Federation suggested in a letter to Hamm that giving the all-around gold medal to South Korea’s Yang Tae-young “would be recognized as the ultimate demonstration of fair play by the whole world.”

FIG president Bruno Grandi tried to send the letter Thursday night to Hamm through the USOC, but the USOC refused to deliver it.

In a letter back to Grandi, USOC secretary general Jim Scherr called the request “a blatant and inappropriate attempt on the part of (FIG) to once again shift responsibility for its own mistakes and instead pressure Mr. Hamm into resolving what has become an embarrassing situation for your federation.”

What a steaming pile. They make the mistake and they want Paul Hamm to give up his medal? What the hell kind of logic is that? And after the debacle with the Russian gymnast the other night, FIG is in no position to demand anything from anybody. Their judges have proven themselves incompetent beyond question; they’re the ones with the problem.

Rumor has it the suspended judges are being interviewed to oversee the Florida election this fall.