Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I Voted – I Think

I got a call from one of my program managers this morning. The budget for the project I’d worked with her on didn’t add up and she wondered what had happened. It turns out that one of the pages of the budget had either vaporized or I’d forgotten to click on “Save As…” and lost it. Note to self: always print out a hard copy before you go on to the next page.

Coincidentally, today is Primary Day here in Florida. Our contract allows us “reasonable” time to get to the polls to vote, so with the blessing of my boss, I left the office a half-hour early and made it to my new polling place within twenty minutes. And who should greet me there but my good friend The Old Professor who was handing out endorsement cards from SAVE Dade Action PAC, the group that fought two years ago to keep the gay-rights provision in the county charter. Good thing he gave it to me; other than the Senate race, I had no clue who to vote for in the myriad county races in my precinct.

My new registration in hand, I was checked in easily – they actually had me on the voter roll! I used the touch-screen machine – I’d used one last spring in the March primary – and everything went smoothly. But other than the little sticky badge one of the pollworkers gave me, I have no proof other than my signature when I checked in. I still think they need to have some kind of hard copy print-out – just like I should have done with that budget. Budgets can always be re-created…but poll results? Why take the chance?