Monday, August 16, 2004

It’s So Complicated…

Check out what The Daily Howler has to say about Kerry’s “nuanced” explanation of his vote to go to war. Watch out – it’s very complicated.

SPINNING NUANCE: John Kerry? He’s much too “nuanced.” It’s a standard RNC talking-point—and there it is, nicely placed in a headline in [the] New York Times:

NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINE For Now, Bush’s Mocking Drowns Out Kerry’s Nuanced Explanation of His War Vote

No, it doesn’t get better than that—to get your spin-point right in a headline. But how dumb is your press corps willing to be? The new flap over Kerry’s stance on Iraq provides a brilliant example.

What is Kerry’s stand on Iraq? Readers, get ready for some real brain-work! Here goes: Kerry says Bush should have had the authority to go to war, but then went to war prematurely. Wow! Have you finished scratching your heads about all the nuance involved in that statement? It’s hard to believe that any grown person could pretend that this is complex or confusing. But that’s the official RNC line—Kerry is simply filled with nuance—and obliging scribes are typing it up, pretending this claim makes good sense. One of those puzzled scribes is Sanger, who scratches his head in today’s piece about Kerry’s “nuanced explanation.”

It looks like the “mainstream” media have come to this rather simple conclusion: Why work hard when you can be superficial and still collect the same pay?