Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday Reading

This is becoming a regular feature out of my desire to inform my readers of articles that might not come to their attention. It’s also a way for me to put together a nice little post and then get back to the New York Times crossword puzzle. In ink.

  • Dahlia Lithwick writes about something I wrote about back in June: the biggest impact of this election hinges on three little words: The Supreme Court. (Try to keep up, Dahlia.)
  • Bush whistle-stopped along I-75 in Ohio and ended the day in my old hometown of Perrysburg. He held a rally at Fort Meigs, a fort that was built during the War of 1812. (Hey, NTodd, remember going there on field trips?) Ohio is still a dead heat.
  • My friend Bob noted that Bush’s stump speech on the economy is still using the “turning the corner” meme, and that Bush is saying, “I know things are still a little behind in [insert state or town name here], but things are picking up in other places.” Well, let’s just see how many places he uses that line, keeping in mind that the GDP is still sickly and 1.3 million more people are in poverty. Pretty soon Bush is going to run out of “other places.”
  • And we’re still keeping an eye on Frances. A week from now, hopefully we will have dodged another bullet. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, the only thing we can do is wait and see. But it didn’t keep me from joining some friends for a nice Sunday morning car club cruise this morning out to Key Biscayne.