Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday Reading

Things to read and ponder on a summer Sunday morning:

  • Adam Nagourney in the New York Times on the McGreevey resignation. Is it good for gay Americans that he admits that he is one of them – or us? Probably not.

    “The fact that he’s gay is the least of his problems,” said Eric Marcus, an authority on gay history and culture. “And I’m not quite sure where his coming out fits into all of this. I don’t think it reflects well on gay people. Here is a man who chose to hide who he was, came out under pressure because he had engaged in an adulterous affair, had given his romantic partner a government job. It’s not exactly a moment I think anybody who has been involved in the gay rights movement can take pride in.”

  • Gov. Jeb Bush comes up with the most inane statement about Hurricane Charley:

    “You can’t plan for the unforeseen,” said Gov. Jeb Bush, who spent much of the day with storm victims in Charlotte County. “God doesn’t follow the linear directions of computer models. And these are powerful storms that don’t behave in any kind of way that you can say with certainty where they’re going to go.”

    As a matter of fact, Governor, you can plan for the unforeseen; that’s why we have FEMA and the Red Cross. And now we have to put up with your campaigning brother to say “Help is on the way.” Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

  • Doonesbury takes a stroll through the gallery of the latest Bushisms.
  • Have fun with the crossword puzzle.