Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Hurrieder You Go…

Just because I got off a good rant yesterday about putting the SBVT story in perspective, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting about it; hey, if things keep developing, I am going to post about it. News is news, and if there are things to be snarky about, I’m there.

Just look at what’s come up in the last 24:

  • A lawyer for the Bush campaign admits he gave legal advice to SBVT.
  • Tim Grieve in (subscription/Day Pass yadayada) does a take-down on the Rove connection.
  • Matthew Yglesias and Sam Rosenfeld go after the talking heads who say that Kerry brought this on himself by bragging about his service in Vietnam.
  • Meanwhile, at Cooper Union in New York, Senator Kerry took my advice and turned his campaign to addressing the failures of the Bush administration and detailed what he plans to do when he is elected.

    Traditionally the presidential campaigns kicked off on Labor Day. Nowadays Labor Day is the start of the last lap. No wonder we’re already exhausted.