Saturday, August 7, 2004

Well, What Did You Expect?

Jay at Folkbum linked my recent president quiz from Quizilla below, so I’ll return the favor and link the elitist quiz he took. We got the same results.

You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every
book ever published. You are a fountain of
endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and
never fail to impress at a party.

What people love: You can answer almost any
question people ask, and have thus been
nicknamed Jeeves.

What people hate: You constantly correct their
grammar and insult their paperbacks.

What Kind of Elitist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not surprised. When I go to someone’s house, the first thing I check out is their book collection, and if you followed my moving adventure last spring, you know I have over 2,000 books and other such reading matter. However, I do not correct other people’s grammar unless I’m proofreading a memo, and I’ll bet I’ve read as many trashy paperbacks as anyone out there; if you read Can’t Live Without You, you’d know that.