Tuesday, August 10, 2004

We’re Outta Here

Thanks to the sharp eye of the Faithful Correspondent, I pass on this little story of righteous indignation and just plain guts from Bad Attitudes.

Rodney Alexander, a Democratic congressman from Louisiana, one week ago today filed papers to run for reelection. Two days later, last Friday, fifteen minutes before the deadline for entering the race, this scumbag refiled — as a Republican. The intent of this last-minute party switch, of course, was to guarantee that he would not have substantive Democratic opposition.

A true tale of moral squalor and cowardice — but now emerging from this cesspool comes word of moral splendor and courage: his entire D.C. staff Monday morning resigned en masse. I wish them luck. It is to be hoped that the DNC will take care of these people. If not, and if one of the big sites like Atrios or Kos that specializes in raising money starts up a collection, I’d kick in.

Yeah, me too.