Saturday, August 7, 2004

What About Sandy?

The Faithful Correspondent wanted to know if I had covered the story that Sandy Berger had been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Archives classified document flap. I didn’t put up anything because I had read about it in several other blogs, including some members of The Liberal Coalition (or who at least provided links to the story) and I didn’t want to be redundant, or worse, repetitive. (Yeah, I know. Small joke there. Practically microscopic. Anyway…)

But what I didn’t know is that the paper that announced that Sandy Berger had been cleared was The Wall Street Journal. Wow, really? Der Volkischer Beobacter actually doing something decent to a Democrat?

I just did a search of CNN. Nothing about clearing him. New York Times: bupkus. Washington Post: zip. I did a Google search and all I came up with was an Ann Coulter article on the subject. (No, I’m not going to link it. I’m defragging my hard-drive right now to purge anything connected with that alleged human being.) So, if anyone can point me to any other coverage of Mr. Berger’s exoneration outside of the WSJ, I’d appreciate it.