Saturday, August 14, 2004

You Tell ‘Em

The Faithful Correspondent lets Washington Week in Review know just how she feels about their fawning coverage of the presidential campaign.

Tucker Carlson is one thing – I understand why you would let him into the mix if you want to continue to get what you still do in the way of government funding – but to turn WWR into a mouth organ for the administration as it was last night, Friday the 13th . . . .oh, I get it. It was a JOKE. Hah Hah. But don’t let it happen again, please. I had to turn to a rerun of Law and Order on TNT to get a dose of reality.

She’s never been shy to write a letter to the editor when something provokes her. And woe betide the person who treas her cavalierly.

If you agree with her, drop Washington Week a line and tell them who sent you.