Thursday, September 16, 2004

All The News…

From CNN:

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has added Klingon, spoken by the bumpy-headed aliens of the “Star Trek” television series, to the 30 languages used on its Web site, the network has said.

The pages were added to celebrate the site’s 10th anniversary.

“The dialogue of cultures does not end at the edge of our solar system,” Deutsche Welle director Erik Bettermann said in a statement.

Deutsche Welle is a government-funded radio and television network that broadcasts mainly for German expatriates and Germany enthusiasts.

Klingon was invented for use in “Star Trek” and has found fans worldwide.

The Deutsche Welle site aims to make brushing up on Klingon “qay’be”‘ or “no problem.”

And I thought it was cool that the BBC had a Welsh language page.