Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday Blogaround

If it’s Friday, it must mean another hurricane warning for South Florida. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m getting numb – we had the remnants of Ivan swoop down on us again on Wednesday and we didn’t even notice – and the attitude of many down here is that it’s like a Led Zeppelin drum solo: just endure it.

No new blogs on the blog roll recently, but I am noticing an uptick in new site visits in the Calling Card section, which I attribute to the Blogger search bar at the top of the page. I also found Bark Bark Woof Woof listed on the Political Blogs page of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. A lot of the blogs on the list are Minnesota based, but there are a lot of your favorites, too. I guess I can be counted in some small measure as being from Minnesota – my dad was born and raised in Minneapolis and I went to grad school there for two years at the University of Minnesota (MFA 1977).

On to the blogaround:

  • Natalie bids farewell to Aaron Hawkins.
  • Scout thinks Dan Rather should resign.
  • archy has a lesson in geography.
  • BlogAmy knows she shouldn’t be surprised….
  • bloggg notes that Robert Downey, Jr, will soon have something in common with William Shatner (no, not toupees).
  • Chris’s Top Ten List of the Week.
  • Collective Sigh gives us a shot in the arm.
  • Lambert on the skewing of the news at Google.
  • NTodd and Stef are wending their way home via Canada. (Note to NTodd – I listen to CBC Radio Two all day and find their hourly news refreshingly fair and balanced.)
  • Echidne alerts us to an ominous resolution making its way through the House.
  • The Fulcrum on how the poor get screwed again by the tax bill extension.
  • Gamer’s Nook points to an article by David Corn about what John McCain might be up to in October.
  • The Gotham City 13 on the Bush/Alawi press conference (powder burns heal faster if you don’t bandage them, W).
  • Happy Furry Puppy on how well we’re containing terrorism by bombing the shit out of Fallujah.
  • Iddybud on Michael Moore at Syracuse University, and there’s also this little tidbit about a well-known anti-gay rights California Republican Congressman. Guess what…
  • The Invisible Library continues his series on banned books.
  • Kick the Leftist finds a minority within a minority that supports Bush. All two of them.
  • Left is Right lends a hand to a helping hand.
  • Bryant on the hard life of being rich.
  • Musing’s musings on “Terri’s Law.”
  • Elayne notes some birthdays and lets Robin take the wind out of the Florida hurricane map.
  • Rick plays celebrity poker on the web.
  • Guy loses a friend.
  • Upyernoz on the legal ineffectiveness of the war on terror.
  • SoonerThought on Jimmy Swaggart (feh!).
  • Speedkill on the separation of powers.
  • Steve Gilliard on an interesting desert idea.
  • T. Rex is in Florida…and is famous.
  • Trish on who served and who didn’t.
  • WTF Is It Now?? on Dems kicking butt.
  • Steve on Juan Coles’s ruminations on what if America was Iraq.
  • Tonight I start my volunteer work with the local Kerry/Edwards campaign. I’ll be entering data on responses to the calls made by their phone banks. I told them I’m no good at making phone calls since I hate getting phone solitications. (My standard response to a telemarketer is to ask them what they are wearing.) But data entry…that I can do. Happy Friday, and hunker down once again, Florida.