Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday Blogaround

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. Some friends took me to lunch – we had dessert to celebrate – and then I spent a quiet evening at home and got phone calls from my brothers, my folks, Allen, and an e-card from my sister. My folks sent me a really great piece of blown glass art from the Tamarack Craftsman Gallery of Omena, Michigan.

It’s the weekend, so there’s another hurricane out there – Jeanne. It looks like it’s going to skip southeast Florida, but we’re probably going to get wind and rain. And off in the far east Atlantic, Hurricane Karl is brewing. (This is a real hurricane, as opposed to the blowhard named Karl that works in the White House.)

Here’s a quick look at writings in TLC that have caught my attention.

  • archy wonders if Karl Rove wrote the Killian memos.
  • andante makes it through the storm.
  • Corrente wraps up the day.
  • NTodd is in the north woods snapping photos.
  • Echidne dissects a bumper sticker.
  • The Fulcrum keeps the heat on the Florida ballot bollox.
  • HFPST tunes into the Austin City Limits Music Festival – my cousin-in-law has played there.
  • Jude wonders (as well as I do) where’s the outrage?
  • Michael has the waffle menu.
  • Elayne spent a relaxing holiday.
  • Rivka on the right to life.
  • Rook’s Rant rants – and it’s a good one.
  • Rubber Hose on the electoral college count. (PS: note that I’ve added the link to to the sidebar.)
  • Jeff tells of a little-known religious relic that reminds me of all those jokes about moels.(Scroll down to “I Did Not Know This.”)
  • Steve comments on Jimmy Breslin’s column and how elections get wrapped around telephone polls (sorry, Bob, I couldn’t resist.)
  • I had to make today’s journey a bit abbreviated – I have a major project glaring at me and the sooner I get it done the sooner the weekend will begin. Happy Friday.