Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Get Going, John

Tim Grieve tells John Kerry to kick it into high gear in this article in Salon.com.

There may be some more bad news coming for the Bush administration. Bob Graham’s book Intelligence Matters comes out today. Kitty Kelley does a tell-all about the Bush family, and Ben Barnes, the guy who got Bush his spot in the Texas Air National Guard, will be on 60 Minutes at some point in the next week. (There seems to be confusion as to which night or which edition of 60 Minutes. Now that Don Hewitt has left the show, the Wednesday edition is no longer called 60 Minutes II. The CBS page doesn’t promo Mr. Barnes yet. Check local listings.) That’s all well and good, but ultimately the campaign – and the election – are John Kerry’s to win or lose. All of this outside chatter and scandal may sway some voters away from George W. Bush, they won’t necessarily convince them to vote for John Kerry. That he must do on his own – and he’s got to do it now.