Saturday, September 18, 2004

Getting Back to Normal

For the first weekend in about a month, we don’t have to worry about a hurricane; Jeanne seems to be headed off to the north after dumping on the DR, and Karl, like his DC namesake, is off in the Atlantic spinning furiously and looking for places to innundate. But back here in South Florida we’re out from under for at least a while…or until the presidential debate is held at the University of Miami on September 30. There is no chance that I will be able to even get close to the campus, much less see it in person. Rumor has it that the security will clamp down a zone encompassing a three to five-mile radius from the campus, which probably includes my house. So I’ll watch it on TV and just hope and pray for John Kerry not to turn into either Uncle Fluffy or the Phantom of the Opera.

So I get a normal weekend, finally. Regular errands without wondering if I have enough cans of Mary Kitchen corned beef hash, bottled water, batteries, and TP. We’re planning an Occasional Sunday Morning Drive, and I have a lot of writing on the novel to edit and catch up on. And I might even get back my social life. Oh, wait…I didn’t have one before all of this. Well, here’s hoping.