Saturday, September 4, 2004

Goodnight, Frances

Taking a cue from Corrente, I’m going to make it an early night; The Magnificent Seven is on TCM, and I’m a sucker for a good western, especially if it’s shown in letterbox.

The latest news from Frances is that it has now basically stalled 170 miles east of Fort Lauderdale, held in place by a high pressure system over the Great Lakes, so landfall may not happen until late tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. More feeder bands are predicted to cross the shore tonight, and I hope that when they do, they don’t knock out the electricity. At this time, 60,000 are without power, but they started out with 170,000, and Florida Power & Light has been aggressively working to get the power back on; they’ve got over 10,000 field crewpeople waiting to go to work if necessary. They learned their lesson from Andrew in 1992.

That reminds me of a story when I worked in that little radio station in Michigan. One day a thunderstorm came through and knocked us off the air. The DJ, not necessarily the brightest bulb on the porch, came running out of the studio and asked the station manager what he should do. Without missing a beat, the manager said, “Get back in there and tell your listeners to remain calm!” It took the DJ about ten seconds to figure it out. Last I heard he was working as the head cart wrangler at a grocery store in Cadillac.

Anyway, keep safe if you’re in Florida. If not, keep safe anyway.