Thursday, September 2, 2004

Hurricane Frances – Today’s Update

The old adage about “calm before the storm” actually has some basis in reality – the energy being sucked up by Hurricane Frances makes the weather outside of its direct area calm. So aside from a brief shower last night, there’s no indication here in Miami of any storm brewing, and when I got up this morning and put the trash out, there was still a full moon and a sky full of stars overhead.

The storm track is still heading for landfall north of here in the area of Vero Beach, which is a hundred or so miles north of here. It looks like we may not get a direct hit, and if the hurricane heads to the north, the best place to be (if there is one) is on the south side of the storm. If it holds to that path, Miami will get tropical storm rains and winds but – we hope – little damage. We’re not taking any chances; the entire east coast of Florida is under a Hurricane Watch (my Weather Bug program keeps chirping at me), and school has been cancelled for students in Miami-Dade County, although employees are to report to work. They will let us know later today whether or not we’re to show up on Friday.

At home, I have the supplies ready – 36 bottles of water, numerous cans of non-perishbale food and soup, a good flashlight, a radio with batteries, and a fatalistic attitude that nothing can stop a hurricane, and I have to trust in the fact that my house has been through this before. If the hurricane moves in my direction, I’ll pull all the furniture into the main part of the house and find a comfortable spot in the hall.