Friday, September 3, 2004

Hurricane Frances Update

Here’s the latest update at 11:00 a.m.

  • It looks like we’re going to dodge the brunt of the storm; it has moved north of 25.5 degress north latitude, which is where Miami is, and the movement is to the northwest.
  • The storm is getting ragged; the eye of the hurricane is getting less defined, and the southwest edge of it is breaking up due to a lack of moisture coming up from the Caribbean.
  • The first of the outer bands of wind and rain should hit Miami sometime early this afternoon.
  • The local news coverage has been very good and informative. Kudos to NBC Channel 6 for their measured tone, lack of sensationalism, and useful information. They’ve been running a crawl ala CNN with information on where to get plywood and gasoline, and their weather person has been doing a good job of not going overboard on the meteorological geek-speak. (Full disclosure: Bob Mayer, the morning news anchor on Channel 6, is a friend and fellow car club member.)
  • The local news media has also gotten their priorities straight – all the local stations ignored the Republican Convention coverage to keep the population up to date with the hurricane. They told their viewers that if they wanted to watch it they could go to the cable outlets, but they were going to keep covering the developing story. One more kudo to NBC Channel 6: I have not heard one of their reporters use the word “efforting” as a verb (“We are efforting to bring you that story”).
  • The garden furniture is in the garage, as is the Mustang.
  • The Home Depot stores are closing at 2 p.m., so if you haven’t gotten your stuff, well, good luck.
  • The tolls have been lifted on the turnpikes and toll roads.
  • I drove the Pontiac around the block before putting parking it in what I hope is a safe spot, and the roads are empty.
  • Back in a bit with more as it comes along.