Saturday, September 11, 2004

Ivan, Jamaican Me Crazy

Hurricane Ivan did not directly hit Jamaica – but nevertheless it battered the island with 155 mph winds and heavy surf. News reports are spotty this morning. I hope and pray that they were ready for it and that there’s no loss of life.

The current forecast has the track of Ivan moving a little to the west. That puts Miami at the very edge of the cone of error – whew – but we’re still more than 48 hours out from here and it still has to cross Cuba. The track has it now on the same trail as Hurricane Charley a month ago.

At work we went through the drill again: covering all the electrical equipment with plastic bags – the same ones we used last weekend – and waiting to hear if we’ll be coming into work on Monday.

My brother in Seattle says that compared to the natural disasters they get out there – earthquakes and volcanoes – we in Florida get some warning. Yeah, we do, but it’s the waiting and watching that’s nerve-wracking. Not that I’d want to be surprised by a hurricane, but waiting a week for the inevitable takes its toll, too.