Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not My Fault

The Bush campaign is blaming John Kerry for the 17.4% increase in Medicare premiums. Huh?

Well, it seems that Senator Kerry was one of 85 senators who voted 1997 for a deficit-reduction bill wherein the increase was mandated.

Republicans said the increase in premiums was automatic, and they attributed it to a formula over which the White House had no control. Moreover, they pointed out that Mr. Kerry had voted for the law that established the formula in 1997 as a way to bolster the finances of Medicare.


“There will be a real attempt to stick that on the president, but the fact that Senator Kerry five times has voted for the premium increase, I believe, puts anything he says in jeopardy,” said the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, Republican of Tennessee.

Wait a minute…I thought the Republicans were saying that Kerry’s senate career was “undistinguished” and that nothing he did in his nineteen years in office was of any consequence. So now it’s his fault that Medicare is going up?

Nothing George W. Bush does is his fault. I’ll bet when he farts he blames the dog.