Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Once Again, Dear Friends…

Back to work after four and a half days off thanks to Hurricane Frances and Labor Day. Everything is still here; no visible signs of anything out of the ordinary except the plywood across the front doors and a lot of leaves and twigs scattered across the parking lot. It will probably be a quiet day here at the office. I know a lot of M-DCPS administrators live in Broward County, and parts of it are still without power, and their school system is closed.

But how long will the calm last? Hurricane Ivan is about to hit the Caribbean, homing in on Tobago (a lovely little island that I visited in 1998; I hope things are battened down at the Blue Waters Inn), and the five-day track has it following almost the exact same path as Hurricane Charley. The only solace I can find is that September 12 is the peak of the hurricane season and perhaps things will begin to calm down in the next week or so.